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Off The Grid
A Film By Scott Goldberg

Looking for feedback for your film?

Recieve fast, affordable, and unbiased feedback on your film with Feedbackity. 
Our online test screening platform connects you with a community of verified feedback providers who offer honest and constructive insights within a week. Specify the questions you want answered and receive valuable feedback that can elevate your film to the next level.
With Feedbackity, you enjoy an easy-to-use interface, secure video hosting, and the flexibility to tailor your feedback requests to your specific needs.
Empower your filmmaking journey with insights that make a difference.


Short Film

0 - 45 Minutes
$ 100
  • 10+ Unique Feedback

       Gain insights from 10 or more
       different individuals.
  • Up to 20 questions

       Customize your feedback by
       specifying up to 20 questions.
  • 5 Days to receive feedback

       Receive the feedback within
       5 days.
  • Secure screening

       Secure video hosting for your

Feature Film

45 - 100 Minutes
$ 150
  • 10+ Unique Feedback

       Gain insights from 10 or more
       different individuals.
  • Up to 20 questions

       Customize your feedback by
       specifying up to 20 questions.
  • 5 Days to receive feedback

       Receive the feedback within
       5 days.
  • Secure screening

       Secure video hosting for your


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Feedbackity is a platform which helps creators connect with people who can give them constructive feedback on their projects.

Receiving feedback has never been easier, all you need to do is fill the basic information  about your film and select the questions you want the feedbackers to answer.
Once you do that, we will get working on sending out the film to the community of feedbackers.
We will choose the most appropriate feedbackers according to the information you submitted.
5 Days later, you will receive feedback from 10 or more feedbackers which you will be able to access on our site.

The only thing that all the feedbackers have in common is that they love films.
Our verified feedbackers are of all ages, professions & genders and they all know how to provide constructive feedback to filmmakers.
We personally vet the feedbackers, to guarantee high quality feedback.

Once you submit your film, we re-upload your film to a secure video hosting platform.
We are using VdoCipher to store the films on our platform.
VdoCipher prevents the film from being downloaded and allows the film to be watermarked.
When a feedbacker watches the film, there will be a moving watermark with their Email Address & IP.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Feedbackity is designed to help independent filmmakers who want to get input on their cuts.
This is true for any stage of the editing of the film. When submitting a rough cut, you will get insight into how the audience sees the film, which scenes work and which don’t in their eyes, what can be improved in the editing room and what is perfect.

We’ve create a list of the most common questions filmmakers ask, which you can choose from when submitting your film.
You can also add any additional question you’d want to ask the feedbackers.

We accept nearly all films except adult films or films that promote hate.

You can always ask your friends and family for feedback, as that has been the way independent filmmakers have been receiving feedback for decades.
Feedbackity offers a way to receive honest and unbiased feedback in a very short period of time.
You will be receiving constructive feedback from people who don’t know you and aren’t worried about sharing their honest thoughts.
All the verified feedbackers have to submit one feedback which is reviewed by our team, so we can make sure that you are receiving feedback from people who know how to write feedback.

You can view an example over here – Relic.

There are two types of feedbackers – First time feedbackers & Verified feedbackers.
The Verified feedbackers get paid for their feedback.
The first time feedbackers aren’t paid and their feedback is reviewed to check if they can become a verified feedbacker.
Besides the payment, the reason we found that most feedbackers participate is that they enjoy it and like the fact that they are helping independent filmmakers.

Our team reads every feedback that a first time feedbacker submits.
Based on the quality of their feedback and the amount of detail they go into while writing it, we decide who will be a verified feedbacker and who won’t be verified.

Your film will receive feedback from both verified feedbackers and first time feedbackers.
We do guarantee that you will be receiving feedback from 10 verified feedbackers.
So if you receive more than that, it means you’ve received additional feedback from first time feedbackers.

A first time feedbacker is exactly that – a first time feedbacker.
We ask each feedbacker to submit one unpaid feedback for a film, which allows us to review their ability to write feedback.
Once we review the feedback and we find it to be to our standards, the feedbacker is verified and will be paid for any future feedback.
The filmmaker will receive feedback from both the first time feedbackers and verified feedbackers.


If you have any questions, requests or just want to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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